HC-QG-E Computerized panel cutting machine
Panel cutting machine
Special Function:

Computer controlled panel cutter.
Designed to work with HC3500 , HC3200 ,HC3000 or HC2500 Quilting Machine or on its own .
Machine is capable of cutting quilted panels,borders ,trimming sides or material rolling.
PLC control and touch screen for easy operation.
Encoder setting of panel lengths for your own dimension cutting.
Infrared setting of panel lengths for accurate panel cutting;safe in operation.
Air Sharpening device to maintain cutting blades ,air material pressing system and air material pulling system to press and pull material automatically.
Reliable border feed and cutting mechanism.
Auto working table and width adjustable design for precise length .
Stable ,vibration free operation with low noise and high efficiency.

Technical Specification:
Frame size (L×W×H) 4750×2500×2100mm
Weight 1500kg
Length of board 2000mm
Thickness 3-80 mm
Width 100-2500 mm
Speed 7000 mm/min
Power 3KW
Power supply 380V/220V 50HZ/60HZ
Air pressure 0.4-0.8 Mpa

Mattress panel, pads, bedspreads, bedding, comforters and so on.

panel cutting machine panel cutter panel cutting
Panel cutting machine Panels Cut Borders Cut
Installation Layout:

panel cutting machine

panel cutting machine