The Introduction of Quilting Process in Detail

With the development of science and technology and rising of people's living standards,Both the producing methods of quilting products and the scope of its using have changed so much. Quilting product is mainly like quilts, mattresses and so on in the past.But now it has extended to Simmons, sofa fabrics, handbags, shoes, hats, clothing and other products. It have changed from the practical products to art works, from the household products to the clothing. Quilting have created a comfortable and warm living space for people with its wealth of changes to strengthen the practicality and beauty of quilting products.
Quilting is quit with a long sewing needle through the laminated textiles, which can fixed cotton inside. Taking the bedding for example, bedding is often be made from the general appearance of the core material inside and textiles outside ,but fiber structure and shape of the core is not fixed, and the inside of thickness non-uniform. In order to keep outer bedding textiles and inner core fixed ? and keep uniform thickness of bedding, textiles outer and inner core ,people use the skill of quilting, which also combine that beauty and the practical process. So this kind of technology is known as the quilting, , and the relative products is called quilting mat,quilting bedding and so on.
In the past, quilting products are often operated by hand , mainly products are quilting bedding and quilting mattress. Tens of thousands of households used the workshop-processing methods, but the drawback is the low production, poor consistency of tricks and complex operation.
20 years ago, more and more mechanical quilting machines come to China, It is with the advantages of high-yield, better consistency, but the disadvantage is with simple patterns, small changes , cloth can not be reversed, and it is to the compound products
Nowadays some manufacturers still use handmade and mechanical quilting machines for production. Due to there are shortcomings of above two ways of production ,it has been progressively replaced by more advanced computerized technology quilting machine. Compared with the traditional mechanical quilting machine, The modern quilting machines have made a breakthrough, that is for the traditional mechanical quilting machine in the bar only half of its simple patterns are available. In the precise control of computer systems, computerized quilting machines are able to handle the entire coordinate system on the establishment of a variety of complex patterns perfectly. In the parameter of production speed, mechanical properties, noise pollution and so on, all the previous mechanical machines can not match with the computerized quilting machine .