The Solutions to System of Computerized Quilting Machine / Computer quilting machine

[The System Survey ]
The quilting machine, as a combination brand new machine of a set of automatic control and high-capacity storage technology , has a very wide range of applications in quilting of mattresses, cloth, mattress covers and other products.At present,quilting machine includes Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine,Computerized Lock Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine and High-speed Bobbin Winding Machine. The modern quilting machines have made a breakthrough, that is for the traditional mechanical quilting machine in the bar only half of its simple patterns are available,but now ,in the precise control of computer systems, computerized quilting machines are able to handle the entire coordinate system on the establishment of a variety of complex patterns perfectly. In the parameter of production speed, mechanical properties, noise pollution and so on, all the previous mechanical machines can not match with the computerized quilting machine .
[The System Priniciple]
Computerized quilting machine,computer quilting machine. The main control device of computerized quilting machine computer industry, it is with sports cards, step / servo motor and converter, which plays a quite important role to enable he entire machinery to high-speed, accurate and stable operation .Multi-axis motion control card is a motion control card based on a high-performance, low-cost stepper / servo motor of PC bus, it includes the output pulse, pulse count, digital input, digital output and some other functions , at the same time, it also can send out the high-frequency string of pulses, and then change the number of pulses sent to control the motor by changing the frequency of the pulse sent to control the motor speed. Pulse count can be used for position feedback of the encoder , provide accurate location of the machine, and the correct course of transmission error. In view of the whole machine is under a long non-stop operation state, moreover there are dusts at the scene of workplace,and the environment is not nice, so the use of the industry computer EVOC brand IPC-586VDNH (GX) as the core of the whole control system, it can co-ordinate sports cards and converter control, that would ensure the stability of the entire system for a long time to run.
[System Configuration]
Operating system: DOS, Linux & Windows
Hardware: EVOC and a half long SBC HSC-1611CLDNA
IPC-6806 Cabinet
IPC-6106P3 Base plate
PS-160 Power Supply
Others: two or more motion control card, the Converter

[System Evaluation]
The solutions to the the system of computerized quilting machine using industrial computer to opereate the working data processing and transmission, which is great improvement over the previous traditional mechanical dedicated converter.It is also with strong function of fault tolerance and with over-current, overheating, As well as self-protection, such as multi-function test, which is a better solution to the control of the saddle frame control, roller and main control . As a result,it has been achieved that the production process automation of quilting products.