What is Quilting Machine

Firstly, what is quilting? According to the explanation given By the Grand Dictionary of Chinese Language, quilting is a method to fix several layers of fabric, cotton together by using a long sewing needle. Take the bedding for example, it is generally composed by two parts: the inner wadding material and the outer fabric, and the inner wadding materials can also be divided into two types: one type is loose, the other type is fixed. The shape of the Loose wadding is not fixed, easy-flow, and non-uniform thickness? In order to make outer fabric and inner wadding closely fixed, and uniform the bedding thickness, we find out a method to quilt outer fabric and inner wadding in a straight line side-by-side or decorative patterns, which increased the sense of beauty , this practical processes known as the quilting. We call the bedding or mattress produced by the quilting machine is quilted bedding or mattress. In the past, the quilted products are usually hand-made, and the product is mainly quilted bedding and mattress, and the difference to ordinary families bedding lies in the method they used. Their operating procedure is to quilt after sewing. The drawbacks of using thousands of households workshop-style processing approach is low yield, poor consistency of the patterns, complex process. 20 years ago, the mechanical multi-needle quilter enter into Chinese market, which have much higher yield, and consistency is also better, but the pattern is simple, and can not make big changes, neither the cloth can be inverted, and have no drawing versions. Therefore, these machines are mainly used for processing beddings and fixing the wadding.
Now some manufacturers still use hand-made and mechanical Quilting machines for quilting. Both of these methods have their own shortcomings, and have been gradually replaced by more advanced computerized quilting production technology. Compared with the traditional mechanical Quilting machine, Computerized quilting machine has breakthrough the shortcomings of semi-bar-only coordinates which can only process simple patterns. Computerized quilting machine can perfectly handle a variety of complex patterns in the entire coordinate system under the precise control of computer systems? And about the parameters of the machine, such as the production speed, mechanical properties, noise pollution are past the mechanical machines can not match. By using the advanced computerized quilting technology, productivity are greatly raised, and costs reduced and achieving production process automation, manufacturers can produce more practical and aesthetically pleasing products to meet the daily requirement of the masses .and at the same time CNC quilting machine manufacturers can pursue its own profits and development. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend of the computerized quilting machine to replace the mechanical Quilting machine.

At present, the largest suppliers of computerized Quilting machine are from Japan, Italy, Switzerland and the United States. The imported computer electronic control systems are stable in quality, and low failure rate, but very expensive, and the parts for maintenance are inconvenient. The development and production of Chinese computerized Quilting machine began in the early 1990s, And in the end of 1990s, computerized multi-needle quilting machine was invented. HengChang machinery factory took the lead in China to manufacture the first set computer multi-needle Chain stitch quilting machine, which filled a gap in this field in 1994. Since then HengChang machinery factory has marketed various series of computerized quilting machines, which include: chain stitch, independent pattern, multi-needle quilting machine, panel cutting machines and other models, we are always in a leading position in this industry.