HengChang Machinery Explore the Marketing Channels
When talking about the concept of marketing, many people may have the idea that it is a transaction (how to sell goods?) as their first reaction.
In fact, according to Joseph La R Rio's theory, marketing has a broader scope. In essence, marketing aims to solve the problem of exchange, it can be summed up into the following sentence: to cater customer' s pleasure.
1.The Outlook of Marketing
HengChang Quilting Machinery Factory, as a small and medium-sized enterprise, one of its weakness lies in brand promotion and human resource links. And the public has little perception of quilting machine since it is not a daily necessity. Although some mattresses, bedding and processing manufacturers have a certain understanding of quilting machines, the market for CNC quilting machine is relatively narrow.
How to make the quilting machine be known by the potential customers?? which aspects should be paid more attention to ? Hereby, I think we can make a few billboards and display these billboards in those place where crowded a lot of professional people; or we can also held some new products promotion campaign, or update some products information online. Such as: some technical research articles, exhibition information, Market Forecast, advertisement promotion. But more importantly, building their brand websites is better for raising public awareness of the quilting machine, attracting the potential customer to view your website. In addition, we can also promote our brand in the occasion when old customers held some international activities, we can be their sponsor or collaborative unit, which can also strengthen the influence of our company.?
According to the author' s research and experience in recent years, we can try a new marketing approach, and establish a mutually beneficial cooperative relation with some enterprises. We can sell each other' s products and try to find a mutually beneficial cooperative point. For instance, we have established relations with NanJing SIFANG, DongGuan HENGSHENG, and other raw material suppliers. Through this cooperation approach, we can strengthen influence of our brand in the market, which can also greatly enhance the industry's brand recognition.
2, The Essence of Marketing
The same product is a major difficulty for marketing. How to make our customer agree that our product is good value for money? How to make our products stand out in this industry? The above marketing matters are the biggest problem facing by our factory at present. LU CHANG QUAN once said: marketing is not selling "better", neither to sell "good" ,but to sell "different." In the above, we have discussed the importance of technological innovations and product innovations.
But in the aspect of marketing, it is imperative for us to updates products and to improve products, trying to widen the distance between the other competitors. We hope we can manufacture different products in the same line, and make different features for the same product. At the same time, apart from the product differentiation, the different marketing approaches should also be weighted?
At present, the marketing and distribution channels in our factory are relatively conservative. So far, we don' t paid more attention to brokers and agents abroad. It has a lot of limitations if we only rely on direct sales approach. And currently, it seems to be unable to meet market requirements. Although our Office in east China has the highest market share, we are still facing a new issue for how to re-layout of the domestic market as a whole in the next step.
On one hand, we should try some new marketing channels, such as broker, agents .and take the initiative to open the closed door of marketing. In some potential markets, local sales agents usually have more advantages. They have a great deal of market data and customer information in hand and they have a definite object in view, and also closer to the market, so they can adjust the principle of sales timely!
On the other hand, an efficient business incentive mechanism should be established, which can prevent the staff from passively be idled and encourage them to do more marketing work and promote the machine actively.
Only in this way, we can realize the ultimate goal of "All roads lead to marketing" by bringing the above systematic marketing plan into effect, and we can maintain a strong and effective market share, and also explore new markets and new source of customers.